About Me

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet 👋

My name is Emma and this here is a space where I share my journey through life, work and self-love. 

I have started probably about, hmmmm...three (?) blogs in my young adulthood. And all three were pretty successful but I found myself craving authenticity. Not that I haven't been authentic in the past, but all of my blogs had a niche. They had a theme. And I learned after years of content creation that life doesn't have a niche. Life doesn't follow a theme. So why should my blog?

You'll find a little of everything on this blog, but mostly, you'll find things that I want or need to talk about. The things that make me, well, me. 

So if you are interested in the triumphs and tribulations of a girl in her mid-twenties that loves clean living, self-care, ponies, food, and a whole lot more then come on in. Browse around. But most of all: do you sweet thang. There's only one of yah.