What a time to be alive

Remember when I said 2020 was going to be our year? Hah. Haha.

Things have changed a little bit since I wrote that blog postMost obviously, the state of the world due to COVID-19.

It's crazy to think that a few weeks ago I was grappling with whether or not to rebook my trip to Thailand. You see, originally I was supposed to have a layover in Hong Kong which was canceled as the virus began to spread rapidly through China. So my choices were A) Get a refund and rebook for next year or B) Try to find a different route and go on my trip as scheduled.

Ultimately, I chose option A.

It was a very difficult decision swiftly made easier by the insanity that followed it. Borders closing. Airports shutting down. Travelers stranded. Not to mention the changes that have happened closer to home like Ontario declaring a state of emergency and my first week at a new job being uprooted.

I try my best to keep my head on straight and only listen to the facts. It's kept me from panicking during these uncertain times. But even the facts are becoming more frightening. That said, I'm still taking it day by day, as I would recommend you do as well. Wash your hands. Wash your fruits and veggies. Sanitize your space. Avoid social gatherings. Take care of each other. We'll get through this just fine.