Shopping Ban: October Financial Round-up

Photo by Plush Design Studio

Welcome to the first financial round-up of my shopping ban!

Albeit small (since I started the ban officially on the 23rd/24th of October), it's still the beginning of something promising.


$25.00 - Selling feed that Rozee wasn't eating
$52.00 - Selling clothes to a consignment store (donated the rest to a thrift store)


$12.00 - Purchased hat & scarf from consignment store
$25.00 - Baby shower gift




Percent of income saved: 2%
Percent of possessions purged: 31%
Percent of credit card debt paid off: 9%
Percent of confidence I can complete this challenge: 40%


Even though I've only just started this shopping ban, I can already feel how challenging it is truly going to be. It is forcing me to acknowledge the habits of mine that are less than stellar.

I find that I spend money purely out of habit. It's what I do when I'm bored, or when I've had a hard day, or when I need a pick me up, or when I'm feeling optimistic. Spending money on things like food and clothes and personal products is quite literally my retail therapy.

Another habit of mine is to purchase clothing—usually cheap—online, rather than going into a store and looking for quality pieces. I recognized that there is really no reason for me to purchase new clothes because everything on my approved shopping list can easily be found in a thrift store. There are so many wonderful pieces that I've overlooked because I chose convenience over exploration.

My largest anxiety at the moment is gift buying. My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and so far, I will have $90 to spend on him. Which to some may be a lot, but to someone who has a tendency to go overboard on gift-giving, it's minuscule and is making me stressed out about what to give him for his birthday. In the same vein, I am already stressing about Christmas shopping. I'm nervous that I won't have the money to purchase gifts and save money at the same time. I think I need to set myself a budget per person because I can already feel myself wanting to go overboard on gift-giving.

I can tell that I've underestimated how long decluttering is going to take me. Decluttering my clothing took days longer than I thought it would and was exhausting. It was sort of fun when I began, but by the time I'd sorted through the clothing, I realized exactly what I'd gotten myself into. Not to mention that the sorting is only half of it—you also have to wash things, mend things, donate things, throw things in the garbage, and clean up after yourself. I'm kind of dreading decluttering the rest of the house, especially the kitchen and attic.

On a positive note, I talked to other women my age and figured that I am not really that far behind in my savings goals. I mean sure, I don't have any savings, but that doesn't seem to be too far off from others my age. A lot of people are living paycheque to paycheque (on salaries larger than mine) so it made me feel a bit better about my own financial situation. When I get my credit card debt paid off, I will be better off than most.


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