Shopping Ban: My Approved Shopping List

As I mentioned before, there is a long list of items I am not allowing myself to purchase over the next year. That said, there are still items that I am allowed to purchase which I've broken out into the categories below.

To some, this may still seem like a lot of things to purchase but I don't expect to end up needing to purchase all of these items. I figured that if I got my "approved shopping list" as specific as possible, there is no margin for error. If it's not on the list, it does not get purchased.

Another thing to mention is that any birthday or Christmas gifts I wish for will be from this list as well, so some items may end up being "free".

Personal Care

These are the items that I am allowed to purchase for myself only if I have run out of them. I am not allowed to purchase duplicates or stockpile them.

- Shower products: Soap or body wash, shampoo, conditioner, loofah, razor and blades.
Skincare products: Body lotion or body oil, face cleanser, SPF moisturizer, lightweight serum, PM serum, PM moisturizer, toner, exfoliator, self-tanner (summer only).
Hygiene: Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and deodorant.
Hair products: Leave-in conditioner, heat-protectant, and smoothing serum.
Makeup: Self-explanatory. Only allowed to purchase items I will use daily.
Wellness: Gym membership payments, Studio TIU app, supplements I need and use daily.


All clothing I purchase must be quality pieces that will last me for seasons to come, as well as fit within my capsule wardrobe. The only other items I will allow myself to purchase will be things that don't fit and can't be altered if I lose weight.

- White booties
- Short brown boots
- 2 pairs of dress pants
- Parka
- Cable knit turtleneck sweater
- Wrap front blouse
- Dark cardigan
- Blanket scarf
- 2 pairs of breeches
- Riding socks
- Buckle for riding belt (current one is broken and can't be fixed)
- 3 pairs of black workout leggings
- 4 sports bras
- 5 workout tops
- 3 bras
- Underwear
- Ankle socks (no-show)
- Black running shoes

*Spring/summer capsule is still TBD, so there may be a few items added to this left around February/March.


Cleaning: Detergent, stain remover, wool dryer balls (only if the ones I currently own get ruined), ingredients for DIY household cleaner, and dish detergent.
Reuseable items: Things like food storage bowls and baggies, reusable dishcloths/dish brush, reusable grocery bags, and a reusable water bottle.
Home storage and organization items: Shelf dividers, vacuum-seal bags, baskets.
Decor: 5 items for spring/summer, 5 items for fall/winter, 1 can of paint and 1 can of spray paint to update and DIY decor, 5 plants and pots, new dresser, bed linens, and pillow.
- Other: Netflix, Disney on Demand (if that comes out this year...this girl needs her Disney).


Tack maintenance: flocking for my saddle, leather cleaner
- Any food, supplements or grooming products that the animals need
- Vet appointments


Car maintenance: Oil changes, license plate registration, salt protection
Books: 10 books, 2 notebooks (one for work and one for personal, and only if the current ones get filled up), replace agenda when needed
Experiences: 2-3 vacations or "big" trips (which must be paid for in full), special events with friends (must be something I really want to see or experience. No going just because of FOMO. Must be able to pay in full), going out for dinner (1x a month)
- Gifts for others (try to keep gifts below $75-$100 each)
- 2 tattoos
- Anything that needs to be replaced (but must try to fix it first. And if it can't be salvaged, must try to find it at thrift stores first).

And that's that! I am not allowed to purchase anything that is not on this list for the next year (other than the necessities like rent, food, gas, etc). Wish me luck!

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