A $5 Hand Soap Dispenser Named Serendipity

I was in Homesense a few weeks ago, just browsing on my lunch break, and I came across a pink hand soap dispenser.

"Oh," I thought. "That's pretty."

It was my favourite shade of pink and felt smooth in my hands as I looked it over for cracks or scratches. It was perfect but I didn't need another hand soap dispenser and it wouldn't really match my decor and I have a tendency to purchase now and think later, so I put it back on the shelf and walked away.

Today, I had a rare moment when I had no meetings after lunch that I needed to rush back for, Zach was walking Scooby and I had packed my lunch. I had an hour of free time in the middle of my day. Usually, I will go to a bookstore and peruse the shelves, reading excerpts from novels and taking photos of books I want to remember to add to my "Books to Read" list. But today I felt like going to Homesense, see what seasonal decor was out and heck, maybe they'd still have that hand soap dispenser!

As I walked up and down the aisles nothing was particularly grabbing my attention. A lot of the autumn and Halloween decor was long gone and what was left was cute, but uninspired, a last-ditch effort to capitalize on people who don't mind a tacky knick-knack here and there, especially if it's pumpkin shaped.

I made my way past home decor to the dog beds where I felt them each for plushness and guessed which one Scooby would enjoy the most, which, of course, would be whichever one was the plushest. I looked at their book collection, read a few excerpts, took a few photos and moved on to the bath and bed area.

As I approached, I did a preliminary scan of the shelves. Nothing pink.

"Well of course not, I'm too late." I thought.

I didn't spend much time in that aisle since the one thing I had been hoping to see wasn't there. Ready to head out, I thought I'd quickly check to see if they had any body wash that I might like since I had run out and I was there.

I turned the corner and was shocked and delighted to find, amidst half-opened tubes of hand cream and salt scrubs that had seen better days, not one but two of the pink hand soap dispensers tucked away at the top of a clearance shelf.

I took one down, inspected it to make sure it wasn't in clearance for a reason and when I was confident that it was in good shape, I walked to the register, paid my five dollars for it and went on my merry way.

I'm writing about this seemingly unimportant event because it occurred to me that I had really wanted something, had thought about it for weeks, and it appeared. And on sale to boot!

Every self-help book I've read talks about this. The idea that once you align yourself with your desires, those desires become reality. That the Universe is always trying to give us opportunities. That if you truly want something, and it is meant to be yours, you will receive it. That if you aren't tied to the outcome of something, then the outcome will be better then you expect. Whether that is a business opportunity, a relationship, an answer to a question, or a pink hand soap dispenser.

It also occurred to me that if I hadn't read all those books that I wouldn't be aware of these theories. That I would have found this hand soap dispenser and thought how lucky it was I happened to come to Homesense today. What a coincidence. How serendipitous. It made me wonder—what else have I missed?

What other opportunities have presented themselves to me on a silver platter that I haven't acknowledged? What other ways has the Universe been trying to offer me something and I couldn't see the writing on the wall?

I feel like I have so much to learn about trusting something other than myself, but the proof is right in front of me that it's possible. Perhaps even this lack of trust I've had in my own decisions has been leading me here--to throw my hands up and let the Universe take over.

Either way, I will be keeping my eyes and heart open for more nuggets of wisdom, in whatever form (or colour) they decide to reveal themselves.