Tailgating At The Buffalo Bills Game

This past weekend I got to experience my very first NFL game.
I’m not an overly sporty person. I like them but I never played any because, you know, horses. That being said, football is probably my favourite sport to watch, maybe next to basketball.
Anyways, I’d never been to an NFL game before and my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with tickets after I graduated college. I’ve been waiting to go since August and I have to say – it was super fun.
Tailgating at the Buffalo Bills Game
I’m not a big Buffalo Bills fan but it was a great option for my first NFL game – especially since it’s just across the border! The drive there was no more than two hours which is basically the same amount of time I drive to and from work and the barn!
We met up with a bunch of Zach’s friends who are always a great time and grabbed a cab to the game. Nobody wanted to be the designated driver, so we didn’t actually have a car to park at the tailgate but some people had decked out RV’s with firepits and everything.
We ended up finding a spot on the grass near the parking lot and laying down a big blanket and drinking from like, 9 am to 1 pm.

The weather wasn’t bad for November, but hats and gloves were definitely necessary. Plus, a warm scarf that doubles as a blanket never hurts.
We enjoyed some popcorn, hotdogs, and beers while we watched the Buffalo Bills lose to the Saints. People were not impressed. I didn’t care either way, I was more impressed with the crowd and how spirited everyone was!
Overall, I had an amazing time and I can’t wait until we can go again!
Have you ever been to an NFL game? What was your favourite part? Share your comments below or let me know on Instagram!